Easily personalize your mobile marketing for every customer

Turn text messages into tailored landing page experiences. We help you understand what your customers want, and our platform delivers hyper-personalized content directly to their mobile phones.

Proudly trusted by enterprises

The proven reach of text message meets the user-experience of the web

Mobiz & text messages

Text message marketing has a 98% open rate

About 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes

The average response time for text messages is 90 seconds

75% of millennials prefer texts for deliveries, promotions and surveys

Build valuable customer relationships

Create and send hyper-personalized mobile campaigns over text message

One campaign. Unlimited individual variations

Utilize the power of our technology to create a single campaign that sends unlimited, customer-unique landing pages based on your customer data and campaign goals.

Tailored user experiences

High engagement

Hyper-personalized content

Code-free, easy to use campaign builder

Our campaign builder helps you build the best campaign for your brand and your goals. Easily customize, edit, build and create - all without a single line of code!

No need for coding

Variety of dynamic features

Useful integrations

Reach your customers in the moments that matter

Engage with your audience when it matters most. Send your personalized, feature-rich campaign via text message, delivered in real time, directly to your customers' phones.

Broad & reliable reach

Immediate delivery

Real time analytics

“We appreciate the versatility the most – automations, online payment options, personalisation, shortcodes, reverse-billed SMS's and in-depth monthly reports. Mobiz is not only quick to respond to requests but also always happy to go the extra mile.”

Chelsea Fredericks

"Mobiz is a pleasure to work with, it makes campaign set-up and development both seamless and cost-effective. The Mobiz team are professional and helpful and always eager to help your business by providing excellence in personalized, targeted mobile marketing."


"Mobiz is a great tool for sending mobile messages to customers! Not only is it user-friendly but its capability allows for personalization which is key for any business. The team at Mobiz are fantastic to work with and are always helpful and friendly."


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